Concrete Grinding & Rectification

Experienced Concrete Rectification Services for Industrial, Commercial & Residential Projects Throughout Queensland
What is Concrete Grinding & Rectification

To cover up cracks in your driveway or improve the overall look of your concrete, concrete repair and rectification is often the perfect solution. All concrete finishing will wear over time, especially if a contractor has used inferior materials or the original work was performed by a concreter who may have cut corners and not delivered the highest quality of work. These factors in combination with Queensland’s searing heat and wild weather can cause concrete to age prematurely.

Most problems can be avoided, diminished or rectified with professional repair or rectification of the concrete.

Multiblast’s team of concrete restoration experts use epoxy resins and other cementitious compounds, to deliver exceptional results every time. Using the highest quality materials, combined with high-quality workmanship, you can rest assured that your concrete will look better than ever. Contact us for an onsite inspection on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane, as we may be able to propose a suitable, cost-effective solution to repair damaged concrete and save you from having to replace your concrete surface entirely.

Concrete Crack Repair
Topping & Concrete Levelling
Creating of Falls to Floor Wastes
Creating Ramps and Slopes
Patching, Infills and Damage Rectification

Multiblast is a market leading contractor in industrial flooring throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and South East QLD. We supply and install a huge range of high-performance flooring systems, and work closely with our product manufacturers to deliver the most efficient flooring solutions tailored to suit our clients’ needs.

Through our strict quality assurance processes, Multiblast is proud to be one of a small number of specialist companies fully accredited under the Painting Contractors Certification Program (PCCP) verified and audited by the CSIRO.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Multiblast has built a reputation for expertise, quality, reliability, efficiency, and client satisfaction. Multiblast is a preferred applicator for all government works in Queensland, including the Queensland Ambulance Service, Police, Fire Department, Education facilities, and the Australian Defence Force.

Benefits of Concrete Grinding & Rectification
Building Code Compliance
Removes trip hazards
Avoids water ponding
Avoids further damage