Commercial floor coatings and preparation, Brisbane and Gold Coast

The most important step when considering any new floor top or surface finishing.

Before planning any kind of new floor topping or surface finish, commercial floor coatings and preparation is your number one consideration. It guarantees that a substrate is clean and free from any contamination to ensure sufficient Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) and optimise the bonding of any concrete overlays, toppings, epoxy coatings or other floor finishes. Whether installing cement, tiles, an epoxy coating, or any other resilient finish, if the floor preparation is not carried out adequately then it can dramatically affect the overall strength and longevity of the surface finish.

Just about every service we offer involves floor preparation and we carry a large amount of high quality, highly-effective commercial floor coatings and preparation equipment. We offer a huge range of commercial floor coatings and preparation services including diamond grinding, captive shot-blasting, tile lifting & vinyl removal, floor scarifying, and industrial mechanical floor cleaning.

Diamond grinding - Multiblast floor preparation

Diamond Grinding

The most popular method of floor preparation for coating and membrane applications, diamond grinding is a highly effective method to remove existing floor coatings, membranes and adhesives, as well as to level out undulations in the concrete surface.

Multiblast has one of the largest fleets of diamond grinding equipment on the Gold Coast and throughout Queensland. We carry multiple Husqvarna, HTC and Scanmaskin planetary grinders which are best equipped to remove any thick membrane, glue and coating, or to level and open the substrate to best accept the new floor finishes. All of Multiblast’s diamond grinders are coupled with the latest heavy duty industrial vacuuming equipment to ensure the removal of airborne dust and maintain workplace health and safety.

Diamond grinding - Multiblast floor preparation

Tile Lifter & Multi-Stripper

Our ride on tile lifter & multi-stripper offers 1.5 tonnes of grunt, operated on LPG and fits through a standard doorway. This makes it perfect for both internal and external projects – making light work of the lifting and removing of tiles, vinyl and carpet tiles, as well as membranes and thick rubber coatings, especially for those larger areas. This handy piece of equipment ensures many manual man hours are saved, so you can move on to the next stage of your project faster.

Floor Sweeping & Scrubbing

We have a range of ride-on mechanical scrubbers and sweepers, high speed burnishers and water-blasting equipment and other machinery available for all your industrial cleaning and scrubbing needs. See more about this here

Captive Shot-Blasting

Our team are highly trained and well experienced in utilising the various shot-blasting machines we carry for all sized projects. This extremely effective dustless method removes existing coatings and prepares a commercial or industrial concrete floor for a new flooring system. It can be used to smooth down a rough surface or roughen up a smooth surface and is extremely effective at efficiently removing surface laitance & contamination. Using a continuous high pressure system, shot-blasting thrusts a stream of abrasive materials powerfully against a floor surface; a very effective way to manage and change the CSP. Shot-blasting is so effective, the clean and profiled surface can even act as a finished surface itself and can be perfect when a rough, non-slip concrete finish is required.

Floor Scarifying

Our state of the art SCB1200 makes easy work of small to large challenging projects. We also have a large range of other floor scarifying equipment, from small petrol driven tungsten tipped tooth machines to three phase tungsten tipped tooth scarifier.

Whether you need to remove membranes or scarify existing concrete slabs, Multiblast has got you covered.