Design On Point: Examples of Polished Concrete in the Home or Business.

Here are some of our favourite designs utilising polished concrete.

When you see the finished results, it’s easy to see why concrete flooring has fast become the flooring solution of choice for designers. Sleek, stylish and sophisticated, concrete flooring provides both homes and businesses with a modern elegance.

Historically, concrete was deemed too “cold” to put in the home—aside from the garage or outdoor areas—but it’s now finding its way into all rooms of the house, and for good reason. Here are some of our favourite designs utilising polished concrete. We know we’re a little biased, but they truly do speak for themselves.

A unique alternative to the tired kitchen tiles, polished concrete looks sharp in this home. And the neutral colour tone provides for a timeless finish that won’t readily date.

Even in the living room, a room that still needs to feel warm and inviting, polished concrete adds a touch of class. Complete with a colourful or patterned rug or a luxurious leather lounge for the sleekest of sleek.

And in the workplace, polished concrete offers a clean, clear and professional finish to any office. We particularly like the contrast to the redbrick wall and the pendant lighting in this space.

While the view from this New York office is breathtaking, we can’t take our eyes off the stunning polished concrete floor. The high-gloss finish, alongside the floor to ceiling glass, gives the uncanny appearance of an infinity pool.

Hot tip: polished concrete have a high reflectivity so they amplify the natural light entering your home or workspace. Complement with lighting that enhances this natural feature.