Sealing and densifiers Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Protecting your polished concrete and concrete surfaces from corrosion, staining and discolouration.

Multiblast offers sealing and densifiers Gold Coast and Brisbane, with products designed to protect your concrete and polished concrete surfaces from the wear and tear associated with spillages of various substances.

As a porous material, concrete readily absorbs liquids, oils and other chemicals, leading to a number of structural and aesthetic problems. Liquids that penetrate into the concrete expand it leading to destruction and cracking. Spilt oils, salts and other chemicals can lead to corrosion, staining and discolouration.

A simple concrete sealing and densifier can be applied to any residential or commercial flooring to protect it from such issues. There are a number of different types of sealers, but all are designed to protect the surface from damage, corrosion and staining. A concrete sealer works by either penetrating into the top surface of the concrete to block the pores and reduce future absorption, or creating an impenetrable barrier over the top of the concrete finishing which prevents destructive materials from passing through.

The Multiblast Gold Coast team are experienced in all concrete sealing and densifier products and will complete your residential or commercial flooring project with the easy expertise that comes with years of experience.