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Car Park Floor Coating

Car Park floors need to be tough and extremely durable to handle the everyday stresses of constant vehicle traffic. Applying a suitable coating system to your car park floor can add a multitude of benefits. A coating system to your car park will provide an attractive, hard-wearing, long lasting, and easy to clean sealed surface.

Suitable for basement car parks, multi-story car parks, garages, and external car parks, our car park coating systems can be tailored and adapted to suit the environmental needs of any car park project.

Advantages of a Car Park Floor Coating

Colourful, Attractive & Improves Safety

The appearance and first impression of the car park can be greatly improved by incorporating various colours, demarcation, linemarking and signage. Our coatings come in a huge range of colours and unlimited layout options are available. Safety linemarking and walkways can be installed to ensure pedestrian safety, and in-floor signage can assist with traffic management.

Slip Resistant / Non-Slip Finish

Our car park coatings can be tailored to suit any specific slip resistance requirements. With the inclusion of Aluminium Oxide grit during the coating process we can alter the slip resistant properties of the finished floor. Traction can be improved, and a slip rating between a P0 and P5 can be achieved to provide a safe environment.

Chemical Resistance & Improved Cleanability

The coatings used are resistant to most chemicals, including petrol, diesel, oils, and other automotive fluids. The coatings offer a sealed and impervious surface so cleanability is greatly improved and staining is minimised.

High Wear Resistance

A high strength and durable floor coating will protect the car park surface, offering a long-term and abrasion resistant car park flooring solution.

Stop Tyres Squealing & Reduces Noise

Our coatings can be adapted to prevent the noise made by tyres, often referred to as ‘tyre squeal’. A trafficable car park coating can greatly improve the traction between tyres and the floor surface, and as a result these unpleasant noises are minimised.

Key Benefits

Enhances Appearance

Slip Resistant & Safe

Chemical & Oil Resistant

Stops Tyre Squeal

Durable & Hard Wearing

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